The conscience of humanity is calling.
It has three simple demands.
But these are not demands for politicians or existing governments.
These are demands of all people.
Every citizen on planet Earth.

The economy is causing the climate crisis...

We can’t fix the climate emergency
until we fix the economy

The truth is...

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The global economy is the core driver of environmental destruction.
When money is created as interest bearing debt it fuels the extractive nature of our economy, by requiring we extract even more value from nature in the future in order to ‘balance the books’.

The main way money is created is by banks making loans: whenever a bank makes a loan, it creates a deposit in the borrower’s bank account, thereby creating new money.[1]

As Bill McKibben, the founder of, outlines in his excellent article Money Is the Oxygen on Which the Fire of Global Warming Burns, the major global financial institutions and insurance companies are still supporting fossil fuel projects – far more than zero carbon solutions.

Bill suggests that moving our money to ethical suppliers “…could, in fact, become one of the final great campaigns of the climate movement.” Let’s hope so. But on its own, moving your money will not be enough – because it ignores what Bucky taught us and another fundamental truth.

Our economy is built on an outdated idea: that we can continually extract value from and pollute our life-supporting environment without any ramifications. This model, ‘the extractive economy’, has created the climate emergency – and we will not be able to fix the climate until we change our economic model.

If we want to stop the climate crisis, and address the other problems the economy is causing, we have to change the way that money is created.

Banks have had a monopoly on credit creation for too long – but only because we have let them!
Instead of relying on banks to create money for us we can create credit ourselves and avoid paying interest too.

By using our power to create credit we can bypass the extractive economy and pave the way for the other changes, like the way we account for carbon emissions… Because, in a new, collaborative economy which is owned and governed by its members, we the people decide how things work.

Money does not have to be created as interest bearing debt by banks. There is no law stopping us allocating credit among ourselves, and our businesses, and trading outside the extractive economy.

Money is simply an agreement – so if we want new money we only need to make new agreements.

In fact, there are hundreds and thousands of people and businesses already trading on new agreements, without conventional money.  By taking steps to transfer your earning and spending out of the capitalist marketplace and into the collaborative regenerative economy YOU can change the way money is created and help fix the climate crisis.

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