The conscience of humanity is calling.
It has three simple demands.
But these are not demands for politicians or existing governments.
These are demands of all people.
Every citizen on planet Earth.

Co-create a new economy...

Edwin Clarence Riegel was an American author and independent scholar who  promoted an alternative monetary theory.

Riegel’s ideas, from the 1930s,  suggest that a simple and dependable means of exchange would do more to enhance the dignity and well being of the common man than any political reform.

Riegel had a plan to fix the economy, and all our political problems too:

“When man has mastered money he shall have mastered not only his economic problem of prosperity but also his political problem, for he will see that money has no place in state functions, and, the money power being entirely in his own hands, he will easily master the state and clearly define its services.

Thus money must be seen as the means of mastery of all economic and political problems. Until we have mastered money we shall not master any of our problems.”

Riegel’s plan conceived of money as a simple accounting system among private traders. What Reigel proposed was a decentralised economy, made up of circles of trust, in which individuals and businesses issue each other credit without the need for banks or state intervention.
His ideas are as elegant and relevant now as they were in the 1930s.
But now we have the internet to help make his ideas reality…

So we’re building Riegel’s vision, using open source software and cooperative governance.

This has never been tried before!

But it needs critical mass to make it work…

The Economic Rebellion needs YOU.


1. Expand the rebellion

Tell your friends, your family, your community groups,  affinity groups and everyone you know to join the Economic Rebellion.

2. Collaborate & co-create

We have launched an API for mutual credit networks but we need more hands on deck to help build the new economy. If you can write or code or draw or design or use social media to spread the message please get in touch and explain how you would like to help.

3. join or start a credit network

Businesses in the UK can join The Open Credit Network, which uses our prototype software, and start trading in mutual credit right now.

If you’re outside the UK, there are hundreds of thousands of people and businesses already trading without money using other mutual credit systems around the world.
Get in touch to find out about joining or starting your own local network, and to help with mapping and linking the existing mutual credit networks into a global credit commons.

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Economic Rebellion is brought to you by The Open Credit Network and a growing community of supporters and volunteers.
Please join us. If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem…