Extinction Rebellion has been instrumental in raising the profile of the climate crisis.
Economic Rebellion is about deploying the same passion, creativity and decentralised organising to leverage our most powerful tool for change:


As E. C. Riegel recognised over 70 years ago:

"Money must be seen as the means of mastery of all economic and political problems. Until we have mastered money we shall not master any of our problems."


The current economy, in which banks create money as interest bearing debt, is the root cause of the climate crisis. But we don’t have to use the banks' money.
There is no law stopping us allocating credit among ourselves and trading outside the extractive economy.

Money is simply an agreement.

We can collaborate to create a new economy by making and trading via new agreements.

There are hundreds and thousands of people and businesses already trading outside the extractive economy, without conventional money. By transferring your earning and spending out of the capitalist marketplace and into the collaborative regenerative economy YOU can change the way money is created and help fix the climate crisis.

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